About the project

    An international effort is underway to standardise and refine the C++ language, coordinated by the C++ Working Group of the International Organization for Standardization.

    Russian developers have a voice in the improvement of the standard through Working Group 21 (C++ language) Russia.

    WG21 C++ Russia was created on 28 March 2016, as part of a subcommittee on “Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces” within Rosstandart Technical Committee 22 (GOST R).

    Goals and objectives

    WG21 C++ Russia serves as an expert body on standardisation of C++. Its goal is to collect, organise and prepare proposals on standardisation of the C++ language initiated by Russian developers, and advocate these proposals at general meetings of the C++ Working Group of the International Organization for Standardization.
    WG21 C++ Russia members manage incoming ideas for proposals; discuss, write and refine proposals for the standard; advise developers writing proposals independently; and give presentations at open meetings of WG21 C++ Russia and the C++ community.

    WG21 C++ Russia Members

    Antony Polukhin
    Antony Polukhin, Chairman
    Developer with Yandex.Taxi, maintainer of Boost C++ libraries, author and co-author of several proposals for the C++ standard, author of "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook". More info at http://apolukhin.github.io/en/
    Alexander Fokin
    Alexander Fokin, Co-Chairman
    Head of Search Components Development at Yandex, search technologies specialist.
    Anton Bikineev
    Anton Bikineev, Member
    Developer at Kaspersky Lab
    Nataliya Makarova
    Nataliya Makarova, Manager
    Developer Relations Expert, Project Manager at Yandex.